Our Chairman's Profile


Chairman's Profile

Dr. R. Anburajan Chairman, Peace Health Centre

‘A compassionate humanitarian, dedicated to bringing world-class healthcare within the economic and geographic reach of millions of patients’ best describes Dr. R. Anburajan, Founder Chairman of the Peace Health Centre.

Dr. R. Anburajan, a renowned family physician hailing from the district of Tirunelveli, received his medical degree from Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli. He has been known far and wide across the subcontinent for his altruistic life. His passion to serve the deprived and the impoverished of the community came into reality in the name of Peace Health Centre. Due to the prayers of many saints and much to the delight of the Tirunelvelites, Peace Health Centre was set up in the year 2003.Its Chairman, Dr.R.Anburajan has been not only taking strenuous efforts in providing utmost medical care through Peace Health Centre but also has been in the service of creating awareness about the health hazards through the media, medical encampments, awareness rallies, so on and so forth.