Hemophilia Care

Hemophilia is a genetic, life threatening bleeding disorder. In persons with hemophilia (PwH) blood does not clot normally due to deficiency or absence of clotting proteins called Factors. PwH tend to bleed internally and externally even with a minor injury. The disease is a lifelong bleeding disorder, incurable in nature and a very expensive to manage in terms of medication and care. Recurrent and prolonged bleeding into joints and muscles can lead to permanent disability. Bleeding from the sensitive organs can lead even to death.

Since 1983, Hemophilia Federation India (HFI) is the only national umbrella organization in India working for the welfare of the PwH through a network of 76 chapters spread over four regions ie East, West, North and South. Tirunelveli Chapter (South Region) is one among the chapters under which Peace Health Centre is giving care for Hemophiliacs.

Since Peace Health Centre has been the authenticated care centre for Hemophilia, Hemophiliacs hailing from the triplet districts of Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and Thuthukudi avail the medical care that is being provided here. Our Chairman Dr. R. Anburajan, is the Regional Council Chairman (South). Under his leadership, Peace Health Centre aim to reach out to PwH and provide total quality care, education, make treatment available at affordable cost, psycho-social support, and economic rehabilitation and thus help them in improving the quality of life without disability and free of pain.

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