Cancer Services at Peace Health Centre

Every person who seeks cancer treatment has a unique body, mind and life history. At Peace Health Centre, we develop a sophisticated treatment plan tailored specifically to your condition, diagnosis and circumstance.

Our dedicated and experienced physicians combine clinical expertise, trials and research with advanced diagnostics and treatment options.

Why Choose Peace Health Centre

We combine advanced cancer diagnostics and treatment with personalized, compassionate care. When you choose Peace Health Centre you choose:

Board-certified physicians who specialize in medical oncology and hematology, surgery and (radiation oncology.) A surgical team that performs more than 50 surgeries each year. (Faster diagnosis administered by 13 board certified radiologists who perform more than 250,000 procedures each year.)

(Advanced diagnostic technology including interventional radiology, nuclear imaging, digital mammography with computer aided detection and stereotactic biopsy.) Dedicated nurses certified in chemotherapy administration and/or nationally certified in oncology nursing. Treatment options personalized by genetic counseling and enhanced by clinical trial participation opportunities.

Cancer Care


Our Special Cares are Family Care, surgical Care, Geriatric Care, Cancer Care, Hemophilia Care and HIV/AIDS Care.

Family Care

We ensure maximum health at minimum costs. Our only motto is “Serve with Love”. You aren’t our patient. You are our family.

Surgical Care

We believe that at the core of effective surgery is teamwork, with a mix of both staff and skills. Surgical care and Anaesthesia

Geriatric Care

ELife Begins at 60...Nobody understands elders as deeply as we do.... We focus on providing comprehensive care

Cancer Care

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Hemophilia Care

For the welfare of the PwH, we provide total quality care, education support; make treatment available


Taking care of people living with HIV/AIDS