PHC offers therapeutic diet counselling for all inpatients diet consultations for OP & IP.

Diet Counseling provided & Menu were planned in accordance with Patients disease condition and also considering their likes & dislikes.

Nutritional assistance in terms of diet counseling and educational material is given to all patients being discharged from the hospital. The advice being offered by the healthcare specialists should be followed strictly for better recovery and good health.



Diet Therapy


Our Special Cares are Family Care, surgical Care, Geriatric Care, Cancer Care, Hemophilia Care and HIV/AIDS Care.

Family Care

We ensure maximum health at minimum costs. Our only motto is “Serve with Love”. You aren’t our patient. You are our family.

Surgical Care

We believe that at the core of effective surgery is teamwork, with a mix of both staff and skills. Surgical care and Anaesthesia

Geriatric Care

ELife Begins at 60...Nobody understands elders as deeply as we do.... We focus on providing comprehensive care

Cancer Care

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis

Hemophilia Care

For the welfare of the PwH, we provide total quality care, education support; make treatment available


Taking care of people living with HIV/AIDS